With this collection, the designer has chosen to honor the freshwater pearl. To switch the classic side of the object, she opted for its baroque form. From animal and non-mineral origin, the pearl is a defense reaction of the mollusk that makes it. An instinctive phenomenon, a purely bestial reaction of nature. This is the genesis of these pearl colored beads used for millennia for ornament and jewelry. Small baroque freshwater pearls combine with each other, interspersed with micro pearls of gold to compose the jewels of this collection. A barrette such as a precious little bone for the necklace, bracelet or earring that gives Origins a tribal aspect. 

Two emblematic stones join the collection to broaden the color palette. Turquoise, a soft mix between the sky and the ocean, chosen for its singular beauty and its protective virtues. It supports the body in its regeneration. Malachite, chosen for its soothing properties and its deep green, which brings hope and serenity. It helps combat feelings of anxiety and stress.

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