Déva is a mixed name of Indian origin referring to Hindu gods. Our designer, being sensitive to India and its beliefs, saw it as a nice nod when designing/creating the collection. According to the numerological significations, the precious stone associated with this name is the diamond. Working with the stone synonymous with timelessness has become the obvious choice. When associated with our emblematic Diamantée forçat chain, the diamond become even more dazzling. 

The sapphire is the second precious stone used in this collection. It has been chosen for its deep blue and resistance, as a nod to the Charlet blue. But also pink, symbol of purity and love. It firstly appeared in Sri Lanka in 1669, the main current producers are India, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Being attentive to the quality and origin of our stones, we have selected the famous sapphires of Ceylan.

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