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The fall 2020 selection

Do you feel that little fresh wind and those few drops of rain coming through your clothes?

And yes, summer did end to make way for fall.

Immerse yourself in the colors and orange tones, and in the same spirit let yourself be enchanted by our selection of jewelry specially highlighted for the period.

Rediscover the Triple Chain Bracelet, as delicate and fluid as its chains, positioned on your wrist, it reveals all its brilliance.

The Timeless IRIS Diamond Pendant, a real signature of the brand supported by the symbolic bail IRIS, will embellish your neckline despite the less sunny weather!

To spend the fall in better conditions, travel with Eden Earrings and their delicate petals will bring light to your tender face.

And we don't forget the unique Origins Ring that honors the undeniably feminine freshwater pearl.

The selection of Father's Day 2020 !

After embellishing our moms, now is the time to spoil our Dad, Step-Dad, Papu, Papichou, Pap’s, whatever his name as long as we love him !

A special day to prove it to him by offering him a present, which he will keep with him and bring closer to his heart for many years.

For the occasion, Charlet offers you the DAMIER PLAQUE 3 ROWS necklace 50cm. A plaque in the spirit of military plaques, pierced like a 3 rows chessboard in 18-karat gold suspended from a cable mesh chain. All in white gold, for its resolutely more masculine side: a result as virile as elegant! (DAMIER PLAQUE 3 ROWS necklace 60cm).

The essential Damier bracelet on cord, timeless and delicate. You choose, rather DAMIER 3 ROWS YELLOW GOLD bracelet or DAMIER 3 ROW WHITE GOLD bracelet (also available in yellow gold)? The classic but no less effective DAMIER 1 ROW WHITE GOLD ring the eternal ring, in the manner of an alliance with a more original and graphic side induced by its work in alternation, which will please without fail whatever the style of your dad.

The selection of Mother's Day 2020 !

And if each day is an opportunity to celebrate moms, next June 7, we take advantage of this special date to do a little more ... For those looking for the perfect gift for their mom, we help you find the jewelry who looks like him by presenting our selection for Mother's Day 2020.

The latest addition to the IRIS collection and created especially for the occasion, the delicate and imposing half-hoop earring will certainly seduce your mom ! (Available in small and large models).

The timeless and significant IRIS Heart pendant on cord, which she will always wear as close as possible !

The ORIGINES necklace and its baroque freshwater pearls will embellish its neckline and bring it soothing and well-being !

The MASSILIA aventurine bracelet, soft and feminine pink, will not leave her indifferent.

The Valentine's Day 2020 selection

Even more than every day of the year, Valentine's Day is a day when our feelings must be revealed. A letter, a meal, a bouquet and/or a gift, as precious as the love felt for your Valentin/Valentine.

We like to advise and guide you, in stores for Marseille residents, but also for our customers from elsewhere, to make your best gifts to the people you love. For this, here is our selection to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable ...

The DAMIER white gold collection is available in NECKLACEBRACELETRING 1 ROW and RING 3 ROW. The graphic side of the collection brings chic and virility to our Valentins.

The designer's latest creation, the DIAMANTEE NECKLACE BLACK 925 SILVER and its medal. Engrave your love, your date or its initials ... An eternal and timeless jewel, or how to bring love closer to you.

To magnify this evening, a present. The MASSILIA and DIAMANTEEchains with their respective pendants (IRIS mother-of-pearl medal and GM ORIGINS cross) will find a place around their neck forever.

We wish you a wonderful evening and lots of love in your lives !

The 2019 Christmas selection for her !

Because each year, we are all "Santa Claus" of someone and that this one sometimes lacks inspiration, we have selected, especially for you, precious jewels which will touch their recipient for sure!
What could be better than the arrival of two new collections to shine more at the end of the year?

The Talisman collection, a blend of fine stones, precious stones and 18-carat yellow gold. A perfect harmony that offers chic, present and timeless jewellery. The diamond set in the center of the jewel will radiate from the opening of the case, guaranteed effect! Spoil her by offering her the ONYX RING, the MALACHITE BRACELET or the  TIGER EYE PENDANT.

At the end of this year, also discover the unique universe of the Origins collection, based on the work of baroque freshwater pearls. This refined, elegant spirit, both modern and vintage, will seduce ladies and young ladies! Charm her by placing the CROSS LARGE PENDANT CROSS in her neck or by positioning the BARRETTE EARRING  on her soft ear!

The Christmas selection 2019, for them!

Let’s not forget our tender men, dads, sons, daughters, small children… Eux aussi aiment être gâtés de bijoux marseillais en or 18 carats ! They too love to be spoiled with Marseille 18-karat gold jewellery! To make it easier for you, we have selected a few pieces for you that should impress them! Latest born to the men's collection, the  DAMIER NECKLACE 3 ROW PLATES , 18 carat white gold. The assurance of being trendy, at any age!

In the same spirit, the DAMIER 3 ROWS will embellish their wrists and bring virility and character to our dear gentlemen!

For babies, toddlers, pitchouns or other teens who are sometimes a little rebellious, we offer the  MASSILIA CHILD BRACELET (15 cm) but also the IRIS GM BRACELETS. There is something for everyone: Star of David, Cross or Heart. Jewellery for the wrists, engraved in their hearts, forever!

The selection of autumn 2019 !

Saying goodbye to vacations, sunshine, aperitifs and relaxation is never easy every year. Isn't fall the best season for renewal? 
A new start for a new start of school year. We change our wardrobe and we adorn ourselves with new jewellery that will sublimate us, as much as the sun during the holidays. 
Charlet has something to make you love this period, and to say hasta la vista of summer!

The ally of the little autumn sweaters will be the MASSILIA COLORS MALACHITE NECKLACE, it will enhance them with a timeless chic and an indisputable delicacy.  

To magnify your hands, nothing like ’EDEN’s latest addition, the PETAL RING, both fine and charismatic.

Around your wrists that are still tanned, the MASSILIA BRACELET will remind you to make this fall another spring!

We have not forgotten your pretty tanned bust ... The GABY CORAL PENDANT adapts to any type of chain thanks to the BELIERE IRIS. The coral and its bright color will go perfectly with the autumn nuances.

A new season will start soon and four pieces of Marseille jewellery will complete your look in the blink of an eye.
Dress up a neckline or a wrist with subtlety and elegance!

The selection of Father's Day ! 2019

After embellishing our moms, now is the time to spoil our Dad, Stepdad, Daddy, Dad’s, Grandpa whatever his name as long as we love him!

A special day to prove it to him by offering him a present, which he will keep with him and will wear it closer to his heart for many years.

For the occasion, Charlet is offering its latest novelty, the DAMIER 3 ROWS 50cm Necklace. A plaque in the spirit of military plaques, openwork like a chessboard a 3-row in 18-karat gold suspended from a cable link chain. All in white gold, for its resolutely more masculine side: a result as virile as it is elegant! (DAMIER NECKLACE PLATE 3 ROWS 60cm).

The essential Damier bracelet on cord, timeless and delicate. You choose, rather DAMIER 1 ROW WHITE GOLD Bracelet or DAMIER 3 ROWS WHITE GOLD Bracelet (also available in yellow gold)?

The classic but no less effective RING DAMIER 1 ROW WHITE GOLDthe eternal ring, in the manner of an alliance with a more original and graphic side induced by its work in alternation, which will please without fail whatever the style of your dad.

The selection of Mother’s day 2019 !

Mother’s Day, a tradition rigorously respected and perpetuated since childhood. This year again, May 26, will be an opportunity to honor our dear mothers who do so much for us every day!

harlet leaned over it, thought about it and designed pretty pieces that will delight them in order to embellish their pretty hands, their delicate ears or even that soft neck where you like to curl up for a hug.

The EDEN collection is therefore growing with an EDEN 1 PETAL RING , openwork like lace, worked like a filigree. A vintage twist that knows how to stay chic and timeless. EDEN will also brighten her face with her new, gracefully curved EDEN’s half-creol .

The new IRIS PENDANT  whose sparkle of gold sparkles on a mother-of-pearl disc, is placed directly on a personal chain or from our collection and will dress your mom's neck, or ... yours?

strong piece imagined by Valérie Frojo and produced by our workshop is born, a PENDANT LIKE A CAGE openwork with Iris symbols that opens discreetly and in which a fine stone can be inserted within it to fully benefit from the litho benefits - therapeutic of the latter.

The selection of Valentine’s day 2019

Valentine’s Day, a celebration celebrated since the 14th century in Great Britain, which has been popular with us more recently, on a very special day when love is celebrated. For proof of the latter, it is customary to exchange gifts and sweet words. This is the perfect opportunity to prove yours to him by offering him a gift that matches your feelings.

When we talk about love, we see red, a feeling comes to mind: "passion". This color evokes love, the blood flowing in the veins, the red rose like the coral of our GABY CORAL NECKLACEor the GABY BIG MODEL CORAL RING as many symbols that embody passion.

The red coral, also called Gorgon, amazed the Greeks: legend tells that this coral would have been born from the blood of one of the jellyfish (named Gorgon) who would have had his head severed by Perseus. The spilled blood would have turned into coral and drops of blood would have given birth to Pegasus. Find this myth through our MASSILIA COLORS GORGONE BRACELET..

The heart has always symbolized love. Metaphorically, you give your heart to the person you love to tell him that you entrust his life to him. Embody this romantic symbol with the DIVINE IRIS HEART ON CORD BRACELET or the DIVINE IRIS HEART NECKLACE

Because your Valentine is unique, we have specially selected for you romantic jewelry for the feast of lovers, which will please… with heart!

The selection of Christmas 2018

Need a little help for the holiday season? 
As Christmas approaches, Charlet helps you find the perfect gift to ask at the foot of the tree for each of the loved ones that you have decided to spoil, and to make this lovely period even more magical!

The gift for HIM:DAMIER 3 ROWS BRACELETchic, masculine, manly.

For HER: The AURA RING will be perfect for making her hands shine, for New Years and the rest of the year!

The BRACELET DAMIER ON CORD 1 ROWwill delight all boys, whatever their age!

We recommend this  PYRAMID NECKLACE timeless and universal jewel that will undoubtedly satisfy all girls!

What about children? We also thought about it, rest assured! The DIVINE IRIS CROSS ON CORD PENDANT can accompany their wrists for many years thanks to the adjustable cord!

The selection of autumn 2018

Fall is here and its share of pretty colors in the trees too, but not only!

Hard to see the days getting shorter? Certainly, but what a joy to feel nature gradually preparing for Christmas.

Before winter, let's take advantage of these beautiful coppery and golden colors by dressing your autumn outfits, your hands, face and ears pink from the cold, with our jewelry carefully selected for you.

Succumb to the DIAMOND EARRING 10CM,timeless, powerful, feminine. To wear in two ways!

Dress your sweaters and blouses with the  DAMIER XL YELLOW GOLD CUFF, this piece of chic rigor will go well with all your outfits for a touch of sunshine on your wrist! (Also available in white gold).

MASSILIA TRILOGY NECKLACEwhich is none other than the latest novelty from Charlet! With its three different chains, this delicate jewel will perfectly fit the curves of your bust, guaranteed effect!

Back to school selection 2018

The holidays are over ... Sweaters, boots, hats, scarves and pretty fall colors are back.

his season is perfect for wearing accessories and jewelry and giving style to your more winter outfits.

So here is our selection for this 2018 back-to-school season, and rest assured, whether you are more rock, bohemian or romantic, there is something for everyone!

Fall in love with the 5 CHAIN ​​DIAMANTEE RING to match the movements of your fingers.

 Enhance your face with this  IRIS AGATE GREEN PENDANT, by wearing it in combination with the 3cm DIAMOND EARRING or BABYLONE TWISTED CREOLE. You choose !

Highlight your neck with this  MASSILIA COLORS TIGER EYE, necklace, a basic to wear every day!

Expect to be envious!

The selection of summer 2018 !

Summer ... This is the time when we can afford it all, we put the package, we dare!

This is THE absolute jewelry season. For sure, the skin is exposed and we see them more than in winter! We put on bracelets, necklaces and rings. The tanning effect very surely!

Fall for the MASSILIA COLORS TURQUOISE NECKLACE which will lift the tan of your golden skin with its turquoise pearls.

Succumb to the GABY CORAIL and TOPAZE BLUE LONDON RINGS which will dress your hands with delicacy. Do you decide, small or large model ...?

Raise your wrist sunk with this EDEN OPEN BRACELET, it will be your must have for summer, perfect for day or evening!

Guaranteed effect for this selection of jewelry that breathes the sea, the holidays, the sun and golden skin!

A small smell of spray and monoi even tickles our nostrils.

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